21 November 2006

Wikipedia Game

Your blogging nick isn't that well known, right? I mean its clever, individual and such and your posts are amazing and deserving of international renown, but that's somehow still in the pipeline, correct?


That means you can play my new game (Oui je suis l'inventeur de génie) , thus:

* Go to Wikipedia.
* Do a search for your nickname, in the hopes that a 'special page' will turn up, listing the most likely results.
* Share the top ten with the rest of us.

Here are the (altogether fitting) results for a Wikipedia search for Mad Baggage:

YOUR TURN! Let me know who and where, so I can come and giggle at you, OK? :-)


Stegbeetle said...

"No results found".

Maybe I should "Wiki" myself.

Le laquet said...

I am nothing to!

Badaunt said...

"No results found."

I'm unique! (And the glass is half full.)

Ally said...

Ooooh, GOOD idea! Will get on to it later!

zilla said...






Jo said...

Hey babe :-) Thanks for coming over to my confused little abode...

Have been trying to comment here for ages and have just found out that the reason I couldn't is because my new site is in 'Beta' and if I'm logged in there I can't comment on non beta sites ie almost everybody I know. Grrrr. Apparently if you have an 'old' site you can comment on new beta ones like mine though

So if you've seen a drop in comments maybe that's it?


Did this.

First up:

*Omen IV: The Awakening


Like I don't have enough on my plate right now. Turns out I'm The Antichrist too!


Jo x

The Moai said...

All pretty predictable for this big stone head!

Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Bishonen said...

Good game

Just typed in Bish and found my new pseudo.