13 November 2006


On account of this year's shenanigans I find I qualify for the flu jab 20 years ahead of time.

Went to get poked in the arm on Saturday.

The nurse was running from one side room to the next, marking her next prey by handing them the two small squares of translucent paper, printed on both sides in tiny font, that meant she had officially provided all the information needed to make a decision. I was still working out that I needed different light and/or a magnifying glass to stand a hope in hell of reading any of it, when she returned, positioned me with left arm bare and, as she removed the cap from the syringe, casually began to ask if I was allergic to chicken eggs or eggshells. By the time she finished with "You're not, are you?" the syringe was already embedded in my arm.

Today, two days on, it still itches like hives; is swollen, red and hard. In fact I am still running a temperature and keep wanting to sleep.

Not so much suffering the symptoms of the flu itself, then, as the symptoms of fighting the flu. My body appears to be trying to fry the dead bugs into oblivion; so whilst feeling like absolute shit, I am comforted that my reactions are excellent, also that I would have been knocked for six by a live version of this year's 'most likely' lurgies.

Oh Joy.


fineartist said...

Here's to you staying healthy this winter, clink.

All my fingers and toes crossed, and my tongue held just right.

huge hugs, Lori

Anonymous said...

It's such a double-edged sword, isn't it! Ugh.


Library Lady said...

Sounds almost as bad as the actual flu!

I get a flu shot every year--I'm on the early list because I've got mild asthma--and it really does work. I spend a LOT of my time at work with small children who are not always terribly hygienic but frequently want to kiss and hug me!
But the shot seems to work--I stay healthy in the winter.

Here's hoping you're feeling much better and that you have a very healthy flu season!

Rain said...

I hate flu shots, they make me sick!! I hope your flu shot offers you great protection and you stay healthy.

mcewen said...

I was going to make an appointment, now I'm not so sure. Best wishes

fineartist said...

Hey girl how you doin'?

How are you comming on that novel?

love you, Lori

gag I am so gushy...but I mean it.