26 November 2006

Happy As Larry

Its hard to be a Grumpy Old Bitch when you're as happy as a pig in clover, but I am just tickled pink to be part of a new collective with several brainy, strong and intelligent women. Miss Cellania and Zilla have both already posted at our new site. Superstars.

So, do you fit the bill?
Got something to mouth off about?
Wanna join in?

We all have a flag to wave, once in a while, but sometimes its like realigning your knickers (or your knockers) - necessary but not suited to your own blog. You can join us and fumble your elastic amongst friends. Email me for info.

And I'm going to shut up now because I realise I've just equated the new blog to the mirrored wall in the ladies' loo. I am so proud.

Note: I changed the 'email me' bit to bold. This is because I need your email address to put in the form, without that blogger wont let me invite you. My email addy is in a link off my profile.


beckyboop said...

I love it!

Cheryl said...

Hey Bewcky
sent you an invite in the first elite. Havent got your email address so sent it with Lori's to her yahoo.
Did I get it right?
Did you get it?
If not, let me have your email address!

Cheryl said...

How did that W get in there ... doh

Anonymous said...

Bloody brilliant site, Cheryl! Way to go!

fineartist said...

WHAT E-MAIL? Oh crud I better get in there quick and see if I can sort through the crap and find your e-mail to me. I'm so excited.

YES, yes, count me in as one grumpy old bitch, heheheh.

You know at school I am one of the GOATS, that's, grumpy, old, and tired of school. xx, Lori

Library Lady said...

I'm not, not, not, OLD!
But I can be grumpy.
And as for being a bitch--I've already posted a reply to that stupid git with the PTSD. Judge for yourself if I qualify on that score...

Le laquet said...

I have laughed so much @ the new site! Well done all of you :o)

Jo said...

Great site Cheryl :-)

I guess you could call me a grumpy old bitch too ;-) I have my reasons lol

Dita said...

Fantabulous idea girlies!

fineartist said...

I didn't find your e-mail hon.

Things are flukey lately, maybe e-mails muffed up too.

Anonymous said...

a most excellent site - cheers to G - O - B!