04 December 2006


Caspar awarded me a prize, over at Michele's!

I am a very happy bunny. Not a stuffed one.

Oh, well, possibly, but not THAT way.

Sod it, you'll have to go see what where, here.

I would link to Caspar's blog (I'd be there myself now) but his signatures lead only to an email.

For that he would remind me of Caspar the friendly ghost, but as a child I had a toy (speaking) one of those with a tiny body and a very large head, with the catchphrase "Boo! Oh I scared myself!". Not the sort of utterance that goes with the sort of sense of humour that allowed me to be very rude and win a competition.

That's one enigmatic caption compere.



zilla said...

Hats off, Cheryl! And panties, too! Unless you're not Ace's neighbor ;-)

What a FUN contest. Reminds me of the New Yorker cartoon caption contest. They never choose the best caption as the winner, but Caspar sure did. Kudos.

Jo said...

Cheryl. Hard to believe you know such words.

Like Taxidermy


fineartist said...

Heeeeee, okay, I went in and embarrassed myself, as I am so prone to do.

I only hope I don't embarrass you by association.

Went in there spewing about filling tacos and tuna boat rides.

Oh my gaaaaaa I think I'm mentally dysfunctional. Well maybe no body else will see my inane comment.

Loved yours though, I laughed myself silly, hey I could use that for my excuse for posting such a goofy one...

Mary said...
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Badaunt said...

That was PRICELESS. I started humming 'Oh give me a home..." when I saw the picture, but saw your caption and cracked up.

Naughty naughty!

(And sorry about the double comment. I deleted it - but how did that happen? I somehow managed to sign in with an account I had forgotten even starting, and when I checked it out found a blog I started YEARS ago and then lost my login information.)