08 December 2006

Bear Buggrin' Off

Life is too short and I just can't be fucked with any of this. Can you?

Sometimes we need life simple. Sometimes we need people around us who understand - who know our core, who trust on our essential principles and who hear our words based on who we are.

Thats hard enough in the real world. It takes shedloads of time and effort and even then nobody gets it right all the time.

Still, sometimes we just dont have the strength, empathy or wit to guard what our words might sound (or worse, look) like, to watch out for the chance that people might misunderstand, particularly in this world of blogs where all of us wear virtual burkas.

The only thing to do then is to hide amongst family.

I see a lot of you have been doing this for over a month now - becoming stuck for words in the blog world. Me? I opened another blog just for spitting bile instead, although right now thats all exhausted in me and I dont have the energy to engage in exploration - in the delicate negotiations and 'getting to know you' process that establishes, from a myriad different opinions, what exactly is 'acceptable' bile. I hope others keep mouthing off in there, no holds barred. I especially hope that the issues are big ones, or ones that affect every woman if not everybody, and that it doesnt become entirely a mommy blog. They are necessary and valid, but this is a granny blog - time to set the world to rights, not just the kitchen.

Love you all, bucket loads, I just need to do the whole hibernating bear thing. The growling and the big teeth? Thats just the sleep of winter sweeping over me and closing down the higher brain functions. I'm still me, honestly, just groggy and confused and temporarily, lets face it, socially retarded. Best if I go through that in private, amongst family who know which grunt means what and who are actually in the same situation.

Merry Christmas, OK?



Stegbeetle said...

Enjoy your hibernation. Sweet dreams, hon.

See you again in the springtime of our lives when all is growing full of life, opportunity and wonder and anything is possible. Yeah, right.

Don't disappear for ever, if you can help it and don't you dare be a stranger.


annie said...

could i spew bile on the bile blog sometime?
tough times call for tough measures.

ally said...

I suddenly realised that my light-box alarm clock thingy was STILL broken about three months after I'd made a mental note to replace it ... and now I have and I'm starting to feel better. But mostly, what Steg said.

Le laquet said...

Look after yourself and stegbeetly said it well "don't you dare be a stranger!" :o)

fineartist said...

I’ve never met a more understanding, compassionate, and socially agile woman in my life, even if our connection is only via the net, I feel ya.

I haven’t been fit to blog for weeks, but I keep connecting, keep rattling, I think I’m possessed. Either that or I just can’t stop reaching out. Something.

I’ll miss you loads, hell I already do.

Rest well and nurture you for us.

If you ever need someone to pour it out to, I'm here.

Peace, hugs, and love, Lori

Badaunt said...

This is a hard time of year. There is just too much happening at once.

One less thing is good for you, although we will miss you. We expect you back after the New Year, though, or else.


Rain said...

peace, health, and happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, know that need to hibernate, know exactly what you mean and the space you're in.
Strength and love to you, Cheryl - enjoy the long winter zzzzzzzzz...

Jo said...
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Jo said...

Oh bugger. Cheryl.


I understand. I so understand.

I will miss you very much.

I have this little plan. You put it there. It's about somehow getting to Brighton Pride in 2007, as me. With you. Your idea.

It's only a little flame, but it does seem just a tiny tiny bit more plausible than it might have once done. Maybe with Doris too (oh Doris, where are you? I miss you loads too!!)?

There will be a very big Cheryl shaped hole in my piece of the blogosphere without you hon. A hole that was hitherto full of kindness and thoughtfulness and honesty. Do come back to us when you feel able eh?

I'm sorry. I don't want to get all intense, cos I do so understand that that very intensity can be something that it is vital to take a break from sometimes. Perhaps you need to inhale and look up to the horizon, and see the trees and the sky and just let it all go for a while...To renew, and refresh eh?

Thank you for all your words (I have just finished posting an entry right now that gives a sense of how I feel about them, and Lori's, and Becky's and Ally's and Catherine's...and all the others...)

Take care babe.

Your friend...

Jo x