03 September 2006

BBC Test The Nation

Did you play?

What did you score?

Online or with the TV show?

I played online but wished I hadnt as the picture clues come up so small - something that might take up half of a 24" TV screen comes up 3" by 2" at most, on a computer because of all the other frames around it.

I cocked up on things like sequencing the storyboards - I saw the figure do soething at the fireplace but couldnt make out the fire until watching the rehash on TV.

Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it. 4 more IQ points and I might have got a phone call, hic sob (haha) so I need to time my test around the TV show next year, or else get some really strong specs.

So mine, it appears, is 142. Yours?


Doris said...

What a pity about the images not being clear enough. Scary if that was all that held you back. So the drug treatment hasn't made your mind a complete mush then?

Well done and fab score.

PS. Now that I changed to beta blogger I seemed to have forgotton my identity and can't sign in to post a comment. You can see why I ain't doing no blinkin IQ test as I'd be scared of the result!!! ;-)

Stegbeetle said...

Played online this morning before anyone else woke up. Just me and usual stimulants to try to make my brain work.
61/70 = 145 apparently.

Library Lady said...

Rats and drats! The BBC limits access only to the UK. I guess they don't want any of us North American types dispelling our image as "ignorant Americans" :)

zilla said...

I didn't play, so I suppose that makes mine zero. I believe you need to add at least ten or fifteen for playing online -- severely handicapped, sounds like.

Doris said...

Phew! I finally got an internet connection to stay long enough to complete the test but part way through I couldn't be bothered and just clicked whatever. Then I paid attention again and got 119 which is pretty consistent for me these days, though maybe the last time I did one of these I scored about 123 or so. Maybe last year that was, so give it a few years and I'll be a vegetable ;-)

Ally said...

I got 113, which I was disappointed with - but I was a bit hampered by cat-helpers, which is my excuse and I'm sticking to it:).

Badaunt said...

How did everybody get scores higher than the total? There were only 65 questions! I scored the national average. I'm not in the UK and don't watch TV and had to guess at most of the local questions, which means, I guess, that you don't have to live in the UK to be an average Brit!

I had the same problem with the small pictures, though. Sometimes I was still squinting when my time ran out, especially for the map ones.

Are you guys talking about the IQ test, which is no longer online?