16 September 2006

Slap; Without The Tickle.

After a good reciprocal grumble with a dear blogging friend (by email, as it goes) I felt sufficiently cheered to try and put on a happy face.

Literally. With paint and polyfilla etc.

In my brazen youth I favoured four inches of slap (warpaint, makeup) around the eyes; no foundation cream because it always made my alabaster skin look pasty and my freckles look black. It was a bold look, and whilst I hate to rely on what works (in the way that some men have steadfastly worn sideburns since 1969), hell, it does work, and whats more, its coming back into fashion for this autumn.

How sad is that.

Shut up, because I don't care, OK?

So I was thinking I would update the profile muppet shot here, because hey, camouflage by colour has to be better than the hair tent method, right?


Extreme overexposure on the other hand, that covers just about every sin you've got going; like so:

Its official. I am going to become one of those Baby Jane style old weirdos who keeps dirty mirrors or none at all, just to live in fantasy land.

P.S. Someone I am irked by had a fit of play nice and volunteered to help by taking the shot. I did not trust the outcome. Can you tell? Like I said, no tickle. None whatsoever.


Annie said...

You look great in both photos on your blog. I always seem to have a Blackadder length fringe which looks ok in real life but makes me look weird in photos. I rarely wear make up, although ironically I'm quite good at applying it. I bet I was one of the few teenagers whose mother encouraged her to wear *more* make up!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Annie!


beckyboop said...

You are beautiful Ms Cheryl. Who needs make up with eyes like that. Every once and while I slap on some. It does help camouflage my age a bit. Mostly, no make up days for me.

Have a good one!


Stegbeetle said...

One thing that overexposure can't hide - the fact that you're lovely.

So there.

Might be nice to see a photo with you smiling, though.

zilla said...

Jesus, you're hot. Smoldering, even. I'm perspiring over here, and questioning my sexuality for the first time in forty-four years.

Did I make you smirk, at least?

Becky's right -- the eyes have it. And the mysterious quasi-smile. Tres La Jaconde, oui?

Astryngia said...

Very gorgeous - Yes, do replace 'the hair' (it's scary!) ;-)

Atyllah said...

Oh what a stunner - with sultry allure. Good thing I'm a hen and thus not overly affected by human looks. However, I will not be showing Chicken Man your photo. Apologies.

If you go with the gorgeous photo for your profile - you will have to change your blog title. Stunning photo + Mad Baggage = Doesn't work. At least in the old photo you look a trifle demented :-)
Stay gorgeous!

Doris said...

Play on the over exposure as an art effect!

New picture is loverly but I'm sure the world just not do you justice :-)

Doris said...

Hmm now I worked out how that last sentance didn't sound right.... it should read:

New picture is loverly but I'm sure the world does not do you justice :-)

PS. My vote is to change the pic to the new one.

Liz Strauss said...

That photo is delicious. Zilla move over -- my crisis comes first! :)

Writer Mom said...

Just popped in to see how you've been. Imagine my surprise to catch you in a three-way with Zilla and Liz.

Hot hot stuff. Woo Hoo!

ella m. said...

That photo belongs in a trendy downtown gallery someplace, full of "ironic" hipster collectors and $13 cocktails.

(And I know you don't want to hear this, but you do have lovely eyes,so there)

fineartist said...

Cheryl you are GEORGE! That's beautiful in Lori speak.

I love the Mona Lisa smile.

So soft, so feminine, so absolutely fetching.

I loved the wild pic too though.

And good Lord, your eyes are incredible. xx, Lori