18 September 2006

Yeeee Ha!!

If you seach for Cheryl, UK only (on Lycos UK), I just happen to be the very very top number one search result, which is pretty unbelievable, so here's the link to prove it (for as long as the situation lasts.)

I also happen to be the 10th top answer if you search my name on Yahoo UK.

I'm tickled pink, I am. Look, pink.


Ally said...

Yay! for Cheryl! :).

V impressed that you outrank Cheryl Ladd, who was the ONLY Cheryl in the public eye when I was growing up.

I am also *very* glad that someone else looks for their own name on search engines .... :).

beckyboop said...

You're number one, you're number one!!!


Stegbeetle said...

*bows low*

We are not worthy!

Sassy said...


fineartist said...

Well of course you are.

Remember I searched you out a long time ago.

Madbaggage, # ONE BLOG of the world.

You and Bulb, and I have been blessed by your friendship ever since. Really, glad I found ya.

xxoo, Lori

broke said...

nice one! don't let the fame get to you ;)

jane said...

WooHoo!!! You're a rockstar, girl!

Astryngia said...

Congratulations! Have a pink party to celebrate. :-)