02 June 2006

Amateur Transplants at the Edinburgh Fringe!

12th-19th August 2006 (not 15th)
7pm and 9pm shows
Medina, Lothian Street

Tickets £7 / £5
On sale on 8th June from www.edfringe.com
Profits going to Macmillan Cancer Relief

Book in advance as last year was a Fringe sell-out.

I didn't know this but Adam Kay and Suman Biswas have a blog (the info is kind of in the small print on the official website) but that's going on my blogroll this instant.

Official site with mp3s of popular tracks and the new 'NHS Song': HERE
Amateur Transplants Blog: HERE

Lyrics to Northern Birds (adult): HERE
Lots of other Amateur Transplants Lyrics: HERE

I can afford the ticket, but if anyone has a spare seat in the car and/or knows of a sheltered bench in Edinburgh; let me know!

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Jen said...


Billy said...

What I find hard to stomach is that practise as a verb, as in "Fitness to Practise", should be spelt with an's' and yet they spell it with a 'c' as though it were a noun, as in "practice makes perfect".

Naturally, Americans spell it in both cases with an 's'.

What's happening to my world?

Hale McKay said...

I hope you get to take in the show.

Badaunt said...

When I saw 'amateur transplants' I immediately thought of this, which I came across recently.

(Yes, I know it's irrelevant, but everybody needs to have a jaw-drop moment once a week or so, and that was mine.)