13 June 2006

Postcard from the edge (of the bed)

Below I transcribe a blog from Cheryl who is fighting boredom in the CCU (Cheryl Confinement Unit). - Wulfweard

Hi Guys

Doctor God the cardiologist has the height, the boyish looks, the hero-worshipping lesser mortals in tow and everything that might inspire someone to settle into being a a big-headed prat.


This guy is a nice guy. It seems like his genuine goal in life is rescuing people and saving the day.

His next in line looks like ‘the biscuit’ (John Cage) out of Ally McBeal and sounds like the tall one from Little Britain – he says ‘hmmm’ and I just want to crack up.

So the medical bit. They’ve found the problem, they just don’t know what it is doing there. Everything around the ‘event’ says spasm, but spasms tend to undo.

Whatever, I’ll either get a ‘stent’ (arterial reinforcement like the crossing threads on a garden hose – think microscopic chicken wire fence).

They are going to treat my body like a child’s first sewing kit again tomorrow and have a good look round.

After that I should be home with blood thinners, beta-blockers, something to lower cholesterol, major nicotine withdrawal and instructions to take it very easy for a while.

Thanks for all your good wishes. Husband has printed out a copy of all your comments for me to see.

I know life can catch up on you, I just thought maybe in 15-20 years – right now just seems like bad luck.


Host of Spirits said...


I feel dreadful - I've been so busy I haven't read your blog. Although I was worried that you hadn't been online it didn't occur to me to read it.

Now that I know the full story I will pray for you and send healing.

Get well soon mate.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are hanging on to your sense of humour. I hate hospitals! Wishing you all the best and lots of love. Take good care of yourself. xxx

P.S. As far as the nicotine withdrawal goes, after the first three days the nicotine is actually out of your body, so it's 'just' (ha ha) a case of kicking the habit. Avoid nicotine tablets etc., as you will feed the addiction, and use anything else you can think of - sweets, pop, whatever. I gave up two and a half years ago after flu/chest infection/bad asthma. If I can do it anyone can, and the extra money is great!

Shelly said...

Been busy catching up after my vacation, but am taking a moment to wish you a speedy recovery.

Stegbeetle said...

Good to hear from you (by proxy)!
Hospitals are grim places but keep your chin up, it sounds like your stay there will be over soon!

Look on it as good blogging material!

fineartist said...

The floor fell out of my physical body when I was forty one.

I nearly died I tell you, and at the time I really didn't give two hoots in hell if I did. I just wanted to lay my head down.

You, you are made of stronger stuff than me, course we all know that, duh.

Okay now, take care of the ticker/heart, damn it, we need you around to keep us all in line (and to make sure I take my meds and stuff...)to make us laugh, and to make us feel loved too.

Damn it, I feel so useless. I can't even come over to the hospital to comb your hair for you or slap a little slap on your face for ya. Or get you some smutty mags to read, or smuggle nicotine gum to you, or feed your man and kids (probably for the best as I am a sucky cook) or clean your house up...

zilla said...

Recuperative tomes are on the way, Cheryl. One should be there by the time you get home; the other will be sent as soon as it's published :-)

Love, love, love!

bart said...

oh fuck...

i'm trying so badly to regain control of my own life, i'm continually neglecting those of whom i care about most...

only ten minutes ago, by reading on zilla's blog, was i able to come back to earth, with a resounding "thud" (which was probably recorded by seismic sensors in australasia in the meantime...)

hang in there cheryl... you're probably the most ultimate survivor i've ever met up to now, keep on smiling, keep on laughing and keep on being your totally wonderful self...

thinking of you, praying for you, hoping for you (you choose which one's applicable here ;-) )

keep well...

Astryngia said...

Missed you!! When you get back, you're going to be SO surprised to see what we've decided to do! Or not (if it's been obvious to everyone except me)!!! ;-) See you back in blogland soon. Hugs!!!

Badaunt said...

How wonderful to hear from you. Somehow, even knowing why you weren't blogging, and even with the updates from Wulfie, it felt like you didn't just have health problems, you'd been locked away and gagged as well!

And it's good to hear that they know what is wrong and how to fix it, even if they don't know why. And it will be WONDERFUL to have you back.


Le laquet said...

Ah the joys of being home after a visit to hospital coming soon :o) At least some of the scenery (Doctor God) sounds charming!

Ally said...

Brilliant to hear from you in person! Hospitals should definitely think about having an internet connection by each bed, as well as hospital radio :).

Jo said...


Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs!

Thinking of you hon. I'm sure everything's going to be just fine...they found it, they know what to do about it.

Life eh?

Jo x

Miss Cellania said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear from you, even if it is by remote. Let them fix you up, then FOLLOW doctors orders and come back to us!

Milt Bogs said...

Best wishes Cheryl. Hope all goes well.

Neutron said...

Hospitals? HATE 'em.

Get well as soon as you can!

fineartist said...

I am such a dork, we need you around because you are YOU, and you do YOU so well, not to do things for us.

I miss you, is it Thursday yet?

The Jamoker said...

sending happy and healthy thoughts your way, Cheryl. sounds as if the prognosis is a little bit positive. here's hoping it stays that way...and, too, I hope the withdrawal symptons aren't too terrible.

finished your Sudoku yet?

Carol said...

Shit, Cheryl - and here's me been neglecting you - I missed all this. I take a few days off blogging, and you go and have an 'event' on us! You just get better soon, madam, or blogworld will have to come down there and sort you out ;)