23 June 2006

Warts and stripes

Daughter thinks she might have a wart coming along, on one knuckle.

But that's OK.

One poor girl at school has impy-tiger.

(Ken'ya diggit?)*

*Sorry. It was the tigers.


Francesca Gray said...

Message from small(ish) daughter:
'Mum Aunti C has tombolas in both legs!'

Cheryl said...

Too perfect!
I hope they werent deep vein tombolas, for too many reasons.

Le laquet said...

Child in school ... I haven't taken my tablets and I'll have a fit of leprosy!

Miss Cellania said...

That link was so silly, I will have to steal it.

My daughter sez: Mama, my vagina gets smaller when I shine a light in it.

Me: No honey, thats your iris.

Jo said...

My daughter has had impy-tiger. Not nice at all :-(

Cheryl said...

Miss C
Have discussed this.
Am trying to work out how you could get vagina to rhyme with retina, which seems the most likely way for the confusion to have come about.

But now I am having issues with the concept of having a veggie-ner because thats just iew.