05 June 2006

Having an Old-Head Day

Found an album I didn't even know we'd got. (There are lots of those.)

I wish the CD player was working, because my computer speakers are a decent set, but I'd be making the concrete floors rumble with this given half a chance.

For some bizarre but truly serendipitous reason, I am listening to The Ultimate Yes, the 35th Anniversary 3CD collection.

So I'm an old head, so what? Its time this stuff came back. Fantastic guitar solos, hypnotic tracks, truly weird vocals (weird is good, btw). This stuff still gets into your bones in a twilight-zone, pre-med sort of a way, and its sexy!

If you've never heard anything earlier than 1980 or that doesn't turn up on Radio One (hey, my system's tuned into that all day, usually) then here's a good little site; its only selling this gem of a classic, but there are samples of the music.

All I've got to do now is decide whether to use this exhileration to float round the room like something off a Flake advert (that's chocolate flake, not loony flake), or do me a little bit of headbanging.



Ally said...

It's the album covers I *love*, too ...

Stegbeetle said...

I approve. I was introduced to Yes via Tormato when I was in the 6th form.

Jo said...

So what's on it then Cheryl?

Like stegbeetle, I got into Yes via Tormato, and immortal tracks like 'Don't kill the Whale' and 'Circus of Heaven' (with Jon Anderon's little boy on it)


:P fuzzbox said...

Yes is good but sadly it isn't quite as good without the 'incense' burning.