05 June 2006


The thing I love most about these salad days, is failing to get through a box of supermarket tomatoes in good time.

This is because they become overripe, start to be too soft to cut without losing their mouthwatering centres all over the chopping board.

See, when they're like that (waste not, want not) there's only one thing to do.

Get the children up, dressed, fed on toast and cereal and out to school, come back home, tidy up, make a place of peace and then:

Carve all those tomatoes into extravagantly thick slices, and fry them.

Fry them until they have begun to disintegrate and the bottom of the pan threatens to go sticky. Fry them until they begin to brown, and sweeten like onions do.

Push them to one side in the pan and use up all that beautiful, red, seed rich oil or fat by knocking up a slice (or two) of tomato-fried bread.

Pile on a plate, salt lightly. Consume.

Its heaven, better than meditation.

Eee, it's a hard life. ;-)


Stegbeetle said...

Isn't it lovely when something as simple as fried tomatoes makes all right with the world? You've put the idea in head now. Where's that frying pan...

doris said...

"Fried Tomotaoes" sounds like it would make a good title for a movie or a book! :-)

She Weevil said...

yumm! enjoy

:P fuzzbox said...

I will have to try tomato fried bread that sounds awesome.

zilla said...

Mmmmm -- could I add garlic?