13 April 2007


The BBC are running a series of documentaries next month, called 'Power to the People' and the final one will be about the way that OAPs are ignored or neglected in our society.

Bored already?

Tough, because Alfie Carretta, 90 (front man) and Britain's oldest working man Buster Martin, 100 (he gets the final word) are obviously having a ton of fun, below.

This is going to be SO big. The single comes out on May 21 and all profits go to Age Concern.

More info here.


Le laquet said...

Love it :o)

LZ Blogger said...

FUNNY! Well... in an OLD sort of way! ~ I loved the sign that read, "I haven't left my flat in 3 years!" Seriuosly... she needs to get out!~ jb///