11 April 2007

A stream of consciousness, or just a trickle?

So I'm watching this short video

For about the twentieth time,

And I'm thinking;

"That second time, it makes fourteen twists.
Fourteen folds!
And the first four are double thickness!
That wad is nineteen sheets thick!

You have to know this is some jerk fresh out of his teens,
a college student,
a spotty sponger,
because he sure as hell has never paid for his own loo roll;
Not at the rate HE uses it, anyway."

Oh fuck.
I'm turning into my father.


Writer Mom said...

I'd like to see his invention for plunging out a clogged toilet. That much paper in this house would cause a flood.

*Your father must be a very pretty man.
Now go turn off those lights you're not using!

**Btw, I was distracted by the whizzy sounds (unable to concentrate) and so quite amazed by your attention to detail on twist amounts and sheet thickness.

Sassy said...

Hi Cheryl :)

rashbre said...

But whats the strange bit that drops off at the end...? And what does the writing say on the card right at the end of the video? We should be told.

Badaunt said...

What I noticed is that he is obviously a folder, not a scruncher.

I'd like to see his invention for scrunching.

Cheryl said...

Ah, yes, the whole Youtube 'folders vs scrunchers' debacle!

Too much info for me, really. I hesitate to say that I switch, because I know that means different things to different people.