19 April 2007

This post has no title. I couldn't begin to think of anything appropriate.
I just wanted to say that there is a school bus driver not too far up the road from here whose idea of 'friendly banter' beggars belief. The names he called an eleven year old boy, publicly ostracising him and labelling him as unprotected game, are in another article, here.

What is even more shocking is that this excuse, whether genuine or not, was accepted by his employers and the school. It seems a bit like somebody breaking your leg because they were 'only playing', and then everybody says "Oh, well, thats alright then!"

Friendly banter?

I could think of a few names of my own, and at first I posted them here, but removed them again for fear that somebody somewhere is already feeling incredible guilt over this terrible betrayal.

Anyway I wonder who such names should be addressed to; the driver, or those who failed to provide training, set boundaries, or act to intervene.

There needs to be a change in UK law so that those in loco parentis because of a child's education are more than just cleared by a CRB check. They need to be trained, at least, in the care and protection of children, and, lets face it, basic manners.

I feel sick.


Steg said...

Couldn't agree more. Especially with the last paragraph.
My Younger Daughter travels in to school via a County Council minibus every day and thus far the only complaint we've had about the usual staff has been their timekeeping. Some of the "holiday cover" staff could have been a little more attentive but there's been nothing like this man's outrageous behaviour.

Kim said...

So sad. So very sad.

Miss Cellania said...

Have you heard of the Thinking Blogger Awards? You have been tagged!

Writer Mom said...

Thought a long walk would clear this out of my system.
It did not.
Here's hoping your suggested change can be made globally.
Why can't everyone just remember how crappy it feels to be picked on, and then not do it to others? Especially to kids in front of other kids??
Note to self. Teach my kids to stick up for others. How to manage it? Attempt to lead by example.
Thanks for posting this. I wish a million or two people would read it and think.

Anonymous said...

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fineartist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fineartist said...

Sorry, I had to delete my first comment, I put a name in it, and shouldn't have. And I put some personal stuff that shouldn't be blogged too, you know me, I blog and then think.

Oh my God Cheryl I can't even comprehend this kind of bullshit.

That boy was in pain, put there by other children and an adult who didn't give two hoots in hell as to how that boy was feeling.

I yanked Sampson off the school bus just this Monday. He used to ride it from the elementary to my high school after school, a two block ride.

He would sit with a young man who has been labled developementally delayed/slow. Samps liked the little guy and would try to protect him from the bullies who would pick on him. Samps is a big boy, they don't generally mess with him, but the little guy, they targetted.

When Samps layed a punch on another kid who kept pulling the little guys hair, Samps was singled out as being the true problem in the situation. I still haven't been able to speak to that bus driver but I have talked to the administrator of bussing about the situation and the little guy has been moved up by the bus driver, hopefully that will take care of some of the problem.

Adults who pick on children and cause them pain are nothing more than child bullies grown up in my mind's eye. Damn them.

Such a waist, such an incredible horrid waist, or is it waste? Shit.

People who don't like children should seek other employment, damn it.

My stomach hurts too.