26 April 2007

Eyes as big as tea plates

That's bigger than the one with eyes as big as saucers, then.

Gosh I'd forgotten this. I am fighting the urge to convert the picture to black and white, to increase the sensation of reclaiming a precious piece of childhood.

During her time at the Fast Show (thirteen years ago!) Arabella Weir, through donning a blonde curly wig and flouncy frock, was responsible for reminding the nation of, to quote her character, "Der singing und der ringing und der pinging-er tree". Give or take a few pingings.

I am still thoroughly ashamed that I forgot that other perpetually recycled 'Tales from Europe' classic, The Tinderbox. Many formative summers were spent rooting for the imprisoned soldier and marvelling at the giant magic dogs, I even read the fairytale several times, yet I still cant remember how it ends.

Happily, I assume, but other than that, (without reading the links!) has anyone got a clue?

1 comment:

Badaunt said...

I never saw the TV series (was it a series?) but I did read the story, and loved it ... and can't remember AT ALL how it ends. How embarrassing.

(But I did see eyes as big as saucers today, under my rosemary bush!)