24 March 2007

Prom Dresses in Eastbourne

*Ahem* Someone has landed here twice today looking for Prom dresses in Eastbourne. Believe it or not there is a fantastic shop that does prom dresses, pink ball gowns, whatever you want, sleek, sparkly, or the whole meringue look, plus the beady sproingy tiaras and sundry accessories, hidden away in that grotty little 'shopping mall in a big shed' down by Eastbourne train station, just behind the taxi rank.

I forget what its called.

Glad to be of service.


Ms Melancholy said...

Oh, you are so kind Ms Baggage. Now, tell me what kind of advice should I offer the person who landed on my blog today having googled 'and then my husband started to beat the kids'? I thought about writing a post that just says 'leave the bastard'. Any thoughts?

Cheryl said...


You don't really want any advice, do you, because there is none to give that you havent already considered and what this really calls for is for someone to say "Oh shit, bloody hell, what a mind boggling array of awful possibilities going on in the world right this second, that lands on your doorstep, how awful."

Please take that as read; I mean, fercryingoutloud. I just have to verbalise the whole 'you don't really mean you want some ideas' thing for my own benefit because much as I hate men who respond to a need for empathic grumblings by trying to be practical instead, I still sometimes do it myself.

I seriously doubt she is still with him, more like looking for someone who understands, if its not someone unaffected doing some researching. What time of day was the search done? Its the weekend. Battered wives don't go googling for help if the aggressor is around to find out; thats called asking for it.

Gee damn, I just couldnt keep my 'helpful' trap shut.

Are you OK or still furious?

zilla said...

How embarrassing.

It was me.

I need a prom dress, yes I do!

My google-inflicted landings have been odd lately, too. I was going to do a whole post on them, but, you know, yard work and all that got in the way.

Jo said...

You've got to launch this shop, pretty please!! I'd come and buy a prom dress from you!! I would, honest!! Just what I need at the mo ;-)

Badaunt said...

I didn't even know you DID proms in England. I thought they were an American thing.

Poms at proms, ha ha ha!

(Sorry. Please don't hit me.)

Jo said...

We don't Badaunt ;-) But that doesn't stop us wanting the dresses!