23 March 2007

If you kind of know me

... and you haven't done this already,

.... add to my Johari window?

Update - if you read my blog by feedburner, sorry this post keeps updating. I'm just renewing the data every time I see someone new has played along, because it means loads!


(known to self and others)

adaptable, complex, independent, self-conscious

Blind Spot

(known only to others)

able, accepting, bold, brave, caring, clever, confident, energetic, friendly, helpful, idealistic, ingenious, intelligent, kind, knowledgeable, loving, mature, modest, nervous, observant, patient, powerful, reflective, searching, self-assertive, sensible, silly, spontaneous, sympathetic, tense, trustworthy, warm, wise, witty


(known only to self)

logical, sentimental


(known to nobody)

calm, cheerful, dependable, dignified, extroverted, giving, happy, introverted, organised, proud, quiet, relaxed, religious, responsive, shy

Dominant Traits

71% of people think that mad baggage is intelligent

All Percentages

able (23%) accepting (4%) adaptable (9%) bold (14%) brave (19%) calm (0%) caring (28%) cheerful (0%) clever (28%) complex (38%) confident (4%) dependable (0%) dignified (0%) energetic (4%) extroverted (0%) friendly (19%) giving (0%) happy (0%) helpful (9%) idealistic (9%) independent (28%) ingenious (4%) intelligent (71%) introverted (0%) kind (23%) knowledgeable (14%) logical (0%) loving (14%) mature (4%) modest (4%) nervous (4%) observant (19%) organised (0%) patient (4%) powerful (9%) proud (0%) quiet (0%) reflective (4%) relaxed (0%) religious (0%) responsive (0%) searching (19%) self-assertive (4%) self-conscious (4%) sensible (4%) sentimental (0%) shy (0%) silly (9%) spontaneous (14%) sympathetic (19%) tense (4%) trustworthy (14%) warm (14%) wise (19%) witty (42%)

Created by the Interactive Johari Window on 29.3.2007, using data from 21 respondents.
You can make your own Johari Window, or view mad baggage's full data.

Naughty Doris went twice! Umm,... is complex a good thing? How bizarre. No, I am not opening a Nohari - not in public, anyway. ;-)


Writer Mom said...

100% think you're intelligent. That one should just be a given. Can we do this twice? If not, my opinions of you have only gotten more impressed in every respect.

zilla said...

Yeah ... can we do it twice?


(I wanna do it twice!!)

Doris said...

Yoo-hoo hello :-)

I think these are really interesting and sometimes we discover positive stuff about ourselves we didn't quite realise. And should realise such as how darned intelligent you are!

Anyway, I don't mean to be a damp squib but something is not right. I only selected six items (I read instructions sometimes and stick to them!) as hard as that was, and yet it has me down for 8 items. Now most worthy as they were, and I could have chosen them, they were not the honed down six. I may well have chosen observant because you are, but you have far more striking qualities in my eyes.

Funnily enough I did think of bold for you but had de-selected it because I also think you are modest and those two are a bit of a contradiction. Which rather justifies the Complex tag ;-)

By the way, it looks like I am back to blogging but taking it easier this time.


fineartist said...

I did it twice.

I didn't realize that the other was saved, how cool.

I am forever enamoured by you.

Lovin you from across the ocean, and beyond, cause you are a strong chick who radiates charisma and intelligence and when I grow up I wanna be just like you!

Doris said...

Did I do it twice? That was in error, maybe because I went back to the last screen and must have hit it again.... oh dear, sorry!

I know what you mean about complex .... after a while it could start to look a tad worrying but don't! You are a rich tapestry and at least are not just one dimensional. :-)

Cheryl said...

Doris - thats why there are eight words with your name against them - which means I am 66% the same as last time you chose?

Anyone else going to re-link to theirs or start one?

Thanks Guys!! xxxxxx