05 March 2007

For Mothers - public service announcement

Look, in case you were worried about it, just buy the kid an X-box, OK?

They're all going to hid in their bedrooms and do 'things' and yanking on a joystick is probably the most innocuous option.

For example:


technodyke said...

bloody hell that was disturbing!!!

zilla said...

And I thought I had penis envy BEFORE I watched this!

Badaunt said...

Blimey. I didn't know they could do that! I wonder if they do dishes as well?

Jo said...

There used to be this joke about the guy whose knob was so long he went to a fancy dress party and someone asked him if he'd come as a petrol pump (or something like that). It is, obviously, that guy :-)

Le laquet said...

*blanches* Oh my god!

fineartist said...

Watching that little piece of penis play gave me the most excruciating momentary empathetic, ghost penis pain, as of today, on record, the worst of my life.

Oh the agony.

Good God, was it made of rubber?

Are they all capable of that?

Guess I could find out with a little hands on research, right here at home.

Oh Mr man who I live with, are you up for a little penis experimentation...um, yeah, I want to to see how far it will stretch, yeah, ur, out and around--shit, I thought it was going to snap off at one point, or twist off like a twizzler, that HAD to hurt...

Yee gads, wonder how much they paid that guy to twist up and stretch out...never mind, my stomach hurts, thank God for x box!!!