06 March 2007


You know when you go on a train journey and half way through the track is up, so you all get off at the stop before and the train company lays on a bus, an alternative form of transport, to get you as far as the second functioning length of track and therefore on to your destination?

Repeat after me.

"The message got this far.
"Not far enough.
"the brain company is just going to run it along by my-voice bus."

And we got there. (Always provided no more track is up further along the line, as that might demand a little bit of rocking or head banging, so just be patient).

1 comment:

Atyllah said...

I presume there the track is up because of maintenance. Here is would be up 'cos it would have been stolen. No doubt the bus would also have been nicked and anyone trying to walk to the next bit of track would have been mugged. I think I'll take your track problems! ;-)