13 July 2006


It would seem I'm allergic.
I hope so, it would explain so much.

Back up to the hospital - wish me luck.

P.S. In case you are going to worry yourselves stupid, its only the stuff under nervous, skin and hypersensitive, here. Oh yeah, and going moody and lethargic and stupid and forgetful.

Sheesh, hives on the fingers are a real bitch - itch to the bone, but a swollen throat is scary. Off to share the scared around!



Ah, back before I was missed, I see.

Doctor is determined its much more likely to be an allergic reaction to aspirin, which is inconvenient as, of all the drugs, that's the one that was 100% definitely going to be on the menu for the rest of my life.

Still, apparently, the swollen throat is real but more likely a regular sore throat.

Yes I had water retention in my face this morning - puffy cheeks and froggy lips (think female Gremlin), but as I wasn't wheezing, it doesn't count.

The drowsiness, vagueness and sensation of being not up to speed is, I am told, likely to do with the antihistamines for the hives; never mind that I felt like shit before I started taking those.

So I have a prescription for a new antihistamine, instructions to stay out of the sun (fine, I'll just borrow a burka so I can keep to the post op exercise, yes?) and on top of the low fat diet I have a low salicylic acid diet - no tartrazine, virtually no fruits. I can have salad, but not cucumber and tomato. Top of the short list of the (four) allowed fruits, is lemon.

Fine, I'll just go suck one of them, then.


doris said...

Sounds horrid and scary and unpleasant.

As much as I like lemons I can't say that you'd see me relishing one from the fruit bowl. It is curious that you can't have many of the amazing range of fresh fruits out there and yet ironically isn't one supposed to be eating so much more instead of the stodge guaranteed to give a heart attack.

Oh dear, I hope the symptoms clear up soon. ((Hugs))

Stegbeetle said...

You're really not having a lot of luck at the moment, are you?

Here's hoping things sort themselves out for you soon.

zilla said...

What fresh hell is this? Dang, Cheryl. Are you at least still allowed the occasional bit of quality dark chocolate? I've read it's supposed to be good for the heart. Looking for a silver lining here!

Raggedy said...

I sure hope you feel better soon. Can you cover the lemon with sugar or chocolate?
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

beckyboop said...

Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck. Doctors! We will give your more drugs to counter act the side effects from the other drugs we gave you. Stay out of the sun or you may experience other side effects....

My husband was taking Zocor and it made him break out in hives.

I hope you start feeling better soon!

doris said...

How are you doing - thinking of you.


bart said...

hey sunshine... glad you're doing well despite occasional setbacks, the lemon thing works well but can be annoying after a while...

thinking of you often, whilst wandering the minefields...

keep well...

Tanda said...

Have you considered chocolate covered lemons?

Sorry to hear of your trouble. There's gotta be a store somewhere that sells designer burka's. Go in style.

fineartist said...

What in the heck?

Hand me the phone.

I'm callin' somebody, I'm telling them that we have had ENOUGH, all of us.

You poor baby.

Glad it's on it's way to being figured out...I don't know what to say, dang it. Babble, babble.

hugs you across the ocean, rubs your head feeds you a lemon with sugar on it. (Oh hell that would still be awful, how about some lemon in your tea?)

Badaunt said...


It's never rains, eh?

What a ridiculous time you are having.

Also, are you allowed bananas? Coz if you are, you could have banana jam.

(Juice of one lemon per each ripe banana, add sugar, cook until it goes, er, jammy (and sometimes goes pink, too, don't ask me why), eat. Yum yum.)

Astryngia said...

All those lemons!! Don't forget to make the lemonade!! ;-)