30 July 2006

Binky's Pants

In my opinion, the Dodge Caliber has the best advert on British TV at the moment.

Its neither cuddly nor wuddly.

Is the ad showing in the US too?* And whats your favourite?

*OK, so courtesy of You Tube I have just worked out that yes, this advert is pretty well known. The only difference is that here in the UK Binky has a squeaky, timid little voice and 'his' (?) line goes: "It just made me pee my pants".



Universal Soldier said...

Ok not exactly what advert is your favourite but I'd gladly assasinate the Frosties boy for his painful 'They're going to taste greeeeaaaat."

rashbre said...

The advert does seem to have high recognition.

It does look like a large Ford Focus though, with an uglier front and only 23 US mpg (18UK mpg).

How long before we get US style Ford F150 trucks?



Stegbeetle said...

With Soldier on the Frosties boy! Also the silly cow in the Mr Sheen ad who pulls faces into her bannisters when she's cleaned them.
We all do that while polishing, don't we?!

Morah Mommy said...

I've never seen this beofre but it was really cute.

Here via Michele!

Cheryl said...

Soldier -
Frosties Boy, amen to that! I also suspect he is related to the male lead in the sugar free cola advert "mobiles, without the anoying ringtines".
Its that super-smug half grin that makes me want to throttle him.

Steggie -
The Mr Sheen woman comes a close second to THAT DEAF BLOKE on the Cillit Bang advert. Does he have any friends, do you think? Or did his mother drag him up by shouting instructions through a megaphone from the house next door?