09 July 2006

Message from Ben

Hi, my name is Ben and I will be blogging today because, as you can tell from the recent silence, Mistress is otherwise occupied.

I live with my brother Jerry and have to admit that yes, we were named after a brand of ice cream, but he lives up to the name for both of us, the tub of lard that he is. You want (correction, don't want) to see him with half a fig roll or a garibaldi biscuit; he is avarice personified.

For myself, well, not to be boastful, I do seem to live up to another sort of namesake, specifically Ben the super genius leader of the rats .

So, just to finish the introductions, here I am: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
but I'm just going to have a spot of tea, if you don't mindPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
before getting back to the job at hand. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Have a nice weekend.


zilla said...

top picture: stealthy approach.
center picture: rat humping mouse?
bottom picture: wham, bam, thank-you ma'am!

You always demonstrate good taste, Cheryl. It's what I love about you.

Billy said...

As they might say in a James Ellroy novel, this post is from hunger.


fineartist said...

Okay, Ben is huge, biggest rat I have ever seen living, so Jerry he must waddle when he walks and make grunting sounds.

Rest well Cheryl, and keep that rat out of your tea, xx, Lori

Zilla, heeeeeee, the mouse humping the computer mouse, made me think of humans and blow up dolls. Not sure why, I'm a sicko...

Raggedy said...

It looks like your rat likes your mouse. I hope he doesn't leave anything on your keyboard.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Library Lady said...

These aren't those guys who (at least according to Douglas Adams)
REALLY are in charge of things, are they?

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Here from Michele's. Cute rat (?)

beckyboop said...

The rat is humping the mouse..."Ben the two of us need look no more...We both found what we were looking for"....

Jo said...

Love it. Love them!

I had a rat when young. He was white, with little pink eyes. Very furry, but girls didn't like his tail much.

His name? Rat. Obviously.


jane said...

I'm not a fan of rats, but that is 1 adorable rat! And he looks like he's got so much personality. Good thing he can blog when you're busy. :)