19 June 2006

Knitters unite(d) and save(d) the fairy penguins! **

Today I received a 'Get Well Soon' card from my mum, which had made its way to the hospital and been forwarded from there. The card, whilst lovely, was not the focus of my anticipation. What I waited for was the promised magazine clipping that was tucked inside; simply because, until I saw it for myself, I wasn't quite prepared to believe that it was true.

Both the Phillip Island Nature Park and the Tasmanian Conservation Trust are were asking for people to send them knitted jumpers for penguins. In fact although I understand that the request for help has now been cancelled, this only came to light through the web. If I'd relied purely on the (recent) paper clipping I'd be knitting away, as we speak.

To be specific, these are Little Penguins (yes thats a capital L because thats their proper name, although some also call them fairy penguins.)

The little guys are having trouble with oil slicks and are being rescued, but, hey, once the detergent has done its job, they have no natural oils left in the skin either, they cease to be waterproof and they catch cold.

**Honestly, seriously, genuinely, if you had half an hour and enough pure wool to knit an oblong measuring 9 inches by 4, then you could have saved the life of a fairy penguin.

Here are a couple that received the attention of someone who decided to have fun with this:

Here, incase you suspect I am pulling your chain (and hey, I understand, I was there myself a day ago) is the full pdf of knitting instructions, issued by the nature reserve.

Still think I'm on a wind up? See Snopes.


Stegbeetle said...

The world is a very strange place sometimes. In oh so many ways.

Badaunt said...

Poor little blighters.

(But if they were any cuter my head would explode.

doris said...

So this would the sense of purpose in life your mum proposed with knitting? Did you know she was such a conservationist?!

I loved this and even scanned some of the links. I was concerned how their jumper dried after going into the water but I found that they are not returned to the wild in these jumpers!

I also see they say they have enough. One woman knitted a football team of jumpers. Oh lordy, what a wonderful idea.

She Weevil said...

I am going to knit an aran one! I am inspired.

zilla said...

Yes! I can verify this! In Tassie and Oz, one can actually purchase a souvenir Little Penguin plush toy wearing a very cute sweater. One of our kids has one. I did not know there was a way to help aside from buying the plush toy (at least part of the proceeds go toward penguin rescue). Also, it was suggested to me that the original name was "fairy penguin," but it was changed to "little penguin" which in our enlightened age seems more politically correct. True or not, I chuckled.

I shall print the pdf and teach the girls to knit penguin sweaters this summer! They can already do a fair job of garter stitch -- stockinette isn't much more difficult (assuming penguins prefer a smooth look, of course).

zilla said...

Whoa, wait! They have enough jumpers already???

beckyboop said...

Awwwwe. The little fairy penguins with their little fairy sweaters are so cute. Poor babies. I'm telling you right now, if I could knit, I'd be all over it too!

beckyboop said...


I didn't know you were sick! I hope you are feeling better! I'll tell you what caused it. It wasn't smoking. It was that damned telecommunications job! Take care of yourself luv.

fineartist said...

Little fairy penguins with their little GAY sweaters. I'm kidding.

Gay used to mean colorful and happy right?

I couldn't believe it either, see Becky called me tonight and told my you had updated, and told me about the penguins.

Kinda cool that people would actually knit enough sweaters, now if we could just stop the oil spills. It seems like we are always treating symptoms.

Le laquet said...

And if you are a looser knitter use smaller needles! LMAO! Poor Little Penguins. Just as an aside did you know Penguins are Welsh?