20 June 2006

Does this one go out to you?

For once I'll go on about myself and my reasons after the lyrics....

When all goodbyes
Are said and done,
And nighttime finds you home,
Are you all right
To spend a night
Of being all alone?

And do you hide
Between the lines
Of conversations past?
A wall of words,
A heart unheard,
That hides behind a mask?

I’m raining on the inside;
My heart wells up with tears that start to pour.
I’m raining on the inside,
But then your cries of love break through,
And I fall in love with you once more.

When friends who care
Can’t be there
To ease away my pain,
And peace of mind
Is hard to find,
Like sunlight in the rain.

God sees my heart,
The deepest part,
Inside this lonely me,
And reachin’ in,
His love begins
To heal the heart in me.

I’m raining on the inside;
Oh, my heart wells up with tears that start to pour.
I’m raining on the inside,
But then your cries of love break through,
And I fall in love with you once more.

Sometimes we’re raining on the inside,
And our hearts well up with tears that start to pour.
But when we’re raining on the inside,
Let his cries of love break through,
Know that he loves you, once more....

Sometimes I’m raining on the inside,
But then your cries of love break through,
And I fall in love with you once more.

Raining On The Inside by Amy Grant.

This is a mood I recognise; don't we all?
This is not a personal statement about anything - not indicative of my musical taste, current mood, religious affiliation or any other trait, nor is it a ham-fisted attempt at evangelism, Heaven forbid (says she, knowing full well what that will sound like to atheist friends, haha).

Someone out there needs the words, is all.

Sorry I couldnt sort out an MP3 because although its not my style, the music truly compliments the lyrics and rounds them out.

I just wanted to say - if you are feeling that rotten, like the game has been stacked against you; then ((((((((((Hugs))))))))).

If it would make any difference or cheer you up, to hear someone say that they do, honestly, know what you mean/how you feel; then I've been there and I'll put my hand up to that.

It is a pet theory of mine that the blogosphere is peopled with sensitive types; we have the power to be introspective. I'm hoping, then, to get a lot of comments on this post because I just want other people to say 'Me too'. If you need lifting up, then every 'me too' comment is as good as another hug.

For what its worth, I have finally woken up from a solid night of sleep and have much more energy today. I am on the mend. I feel great and it looks like a lovely day and I just want to smile at everybody.

Smile back!?


Stegbeetle said...

Big smile back!! It's good to hear (read. You know what I mean!) you sounding so positive!

Yes, I'll say it - "Me Too". So many songs say things I wish I could say, far better than I could in my stumbling sentences. I think you've found another one!

Jo said...

Cheryl...so glad you're feeling better.

Big smile back hon!

This is a really touching thing to write, and so thoughtful of you. It's a little insight into the kind of person you are - and one reason why I keep coming back here (another is how you write)

Of course, I know the feeling in the song well...then don't we all?

Miss Cellania said...

Big smile!


doris said...

Big cheesy grin from me!

And a "me too".


Badaunt said...


266k said...

Me too..

thank you

:D <- a very big grin

and even more


to one and all

Carol said...

Here's my 'me too'. Today has been like that. Unfortunately, it has been raining on both the inside AND the outside up here in Scotland. Fun. Not even enough sun to go outside and weed the blues away ...

Rain said...

best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

jane said...

You are such a giving soul, Cheryl. I love Amy Grant & even though I'm not part of any religion, I have 1 of her religious CDs. You're right about it not being about a religion, just about loving others & even loving ourselves. I am glad you're feeling better. I always want the best for you.

fineartist said...

It's a big ol' smiley group hug around the blogs sphere.

I want in on this.

Hugs, pats and big old goofy grins for everyone.

Now that's good medicine.

She Weevil said...

toothy grin to the girl with the thinning blood :)

zilla said...

Me too.

Smiling back.

Hugs all around.

So glad youre energy is returning.

Anonymous said...

Made me smile to read that you got a good sleep, gotta rest on the healing path!

(personally glad you wrote out the lyrics - dial-up bloggers learn quickly not to press buttons, it's too painful to the eye & ear)(cable coming soon, though!)