30 August 2007

NetExperiment - Please Pass It On!

Got this from a friend today:

As you might (or probably don't) know, I have multiple sclerosis and one of the main reasons I am participating in the 30DC is to learn how to make a living from the net so that I can give up my day job that frankly is exhausting and not good for my health.

At the beginning of the year I kicked off the Great NetXperiment to see how long it would take the internet to raise $1 Million for research into the cause, care and cure for multiple sclerosis (care is really important as many teens with MS end up in geriatric nursing homes and that is just UNACCEPTABLE).

But what is in it for you?

The NetXperiment allows you to donate as little as a dollar and get a link from a PR3 web site. Great deal really, very white hat, and is a win-win for you and for Foundation 5 Million (People with MS raising money for MS, and what my charity site donates too)

Thing is, after launching it I three months off work flat on a back with a brain fluid leak and am WAY behind in my goal of getting that $1 Million by December 31st 2007.

But it is still achievable!

Anyway the more money you donate the bigger the link is to your site, so if you want clicks as well as a link then the sky is the limit. You can dominate the site with a fairly modest investment.

Great for if you have other businesses too you want to promote.

Any (non-spam) promotion of the site is REALLY welcome. So blog posts, social bookmarking, web2.0 promo are appreciated :)




If you could please either blog this or email it to ten friends then we could reach a million people inside a week (whether or not they are too broke or stingy to cough a dollar); so how embarrassing if we didn't.



ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Great idea ...

Kate said...

Stumbled the link - hope it helps!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I will add it to ye olde blogge this weekend.

fineartist said...

Wow, it really is a small world and things really do have a tendency to connect up at times.

As you know my Anny found out last year that she has MS, and really odd that her best friend in the world, had just taken a job with the MS society.

And then we found out that my bosses mother in law has MS and so he decided to ride in a bike a thon for MS this September, so we, my art club kids and my boss and my daughter and everyone else we can manage to gather for the cause have been raising money for the bike a thon.

We've been doing hat days, and bake sales, and selling the hell out of candy and peanuts in the teacher's work room, and we all know how we teachers love to nosh...

Anyway, Cheryl, this is flat cool and I'm in. I'll post it too.

fineartist said...

And thanks.

fineartist said...

Just checking on you. Have the carpenters got you papered to the wall? They better not have.

Are you feeling well? I hope so.

Bulb has posted a couple of posts at his pad, I thought I'd let you know. The boys fell off some; lost weight, though he didn't need to, but he has.

I miss you and Bulb firing one liners at each other, you two always sent me to cackling like a hen.

This ol' blog o sphere changes, just like life, it is never the same.

nothing is static, and that's both good and bad. I'm a little maudlin tonight and I'm not even drinking.

Just wanted to come by and check on you.