07 August 2007

Flipping Typical

According to a survey in Men's Fitness magazine (out tomorrow):
  • 64 per cent of British men are unhappy with their bodies.
  • Just two per cent think their bodies are perfect.
  • 71 per cent of men believe their partners are unhappy with their bodies.
  • 63 per cent of men wish they could eat less.
  • One per cent of men think having a good body doesn’t matter.
  • 49 per cent of British men most want a physique like Daniel Craig’s.
  • 33 per cent of British men most want a physique like David Beckham’s.

  • Right.
    It is noticeable that, at least according to those questioned by Wilkinson Sword (who sponsored the survey):
    • 7% of men are pretty certain their partners are unhappy with how they look, but don't agree or care.
    • Nearly all the men unhappy with their bodies think they are not skinny, plain, or suffering ducks fever, but simply fat.
    • 35% of men believe that having a good body DOES matter, yet don't feel unhappy with their own physique. In other words, even though only two percent own up to it, seven men out of every twenty think that they are personally hot.
    I was going to moan that I had never managed to be involved with a single one of that sort, but I think I am probably pleased. Gah, ye gods, Himbos. Who needs?


    Poët 2*66 said...

    Living with someone who has Aspergers, it would be nice if he was a himbo and cared enough. Ho Hum.. Just will have to put up with that and spray him down once a fortnight.

    Love to see you back, I missed you xxxxxxxx

    Cheryl said...

    I am away from my password - but HAD to come in and say WOW! Poet! I never knew you were similarly Aspie-attached.
    To be fair I think I simply carry 1 or 2 of the triad of difficulties and end up producing Aspies.
    I must admit I prefer the manly, intellectual, distracted ones to the ones still in last week's socks, although so many are both.
    Sad, huh.

    THANK YOU!!!

    Poët 2*66 said...

    I just have a distracted distant/emotionally unavailable one that will change his socks but not necessarily his t-shirts.. because they are his favourite ones.

    He's a quiet and gentle soul that just hates everyone .. well apart from me (sometimes)

    Yeah.. sad.

    ZBTzahBTzoo said...

    I'm pretty sure Mister Zee is not a himbo, although I don't know what a himbo is. I'm also pretty sure, that in spite of the fact that he's prone to good hygiene and wearing clean socks & tees, he would fall on the Aspie spectrum -- or damned close.

    I concur that seven out of twenty men are hot; I do not think, however, that the seven out of twenty who are hot realize that they are hot.

    Mister Zee hasn't got a clue about his hotness :-)

    Steg said...

    The only time I'm hot is when it's sunny for too long.
    Ba-doom. Tish.
    Thankew, thankew. There'll be a silver collection at the door.

    Cheryl said...

    Steg that picture with the slightly shorter hair.....


    Steg said...

    *blushes. And rushes to get haircut*