22 August 2007

Oh Huge Oops

I got given one of these, didn't I!

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Dinky little thing, isn't it - I think it might have shrunk from neglect over the past six or seven weeks. Oh dear.

I got it from darling Miss Cellania who is normally mindbogglingly smart, but seems to have had a momentary glitch and found me thoughtful.

And I was supposed to do something with it, too, like pass it on.


More to follow, then.


Miss Cellania said...

You are fascinating, even when you are completely scatterbrained.

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Congratulations, Ms . smalldot!

I think it's a well deserved award.

Even when you've taken haitus, you've done so thoughtfully. Remember the post shortly after your release from hospital, in which you gave the reasons for your continued absence? Your claim that your mind was going soft and failing you was rendered absurd by the beautiful, intelligent way you wrote about it -- sharp as a tack, you are.

And I'm not just sucking up.

the artist formerly known as..... said...

Your worst day has always beaten my best one, writing quality wise, and I'd happily provide the award show montage of the most brilliant moments and gush until the orchestra pushed me off of the stage (if the blog awards were anything like the oscars).

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

If there was ever a thinking sort of blogger it was you - well deserved oh great minded one! :-)

fineartist said...

Well deserved I'd say!

And isn't that miss Cellania thoughtful too.

Mrs. G said...

You need a little virtual mantel to display your shiny, well-deserved award!