06 August 2007

Oh Buggritt!

Yea verily thou mayest mock and abhor me, for I am dust.
I am the worm that turned to come crawling back home.
A wimp.


And that's all the whimpering and voluntary submissive do-wotsits that you'll see here. Join the opt-in list at the bottom of this page to see more. Joke.

Yes, after all those demeaning efforts to quit blogging, I appear to be back, like the sanctimonious ex fag smoker who flashed her patches at all and sundry, only to be caught hovering in the darkest corner of the nicotine shed come coffee break. If people shuffle nervously and say nothing for not knowing WHAT to say, then I completely understand. My page rank bottomed out while I was gone anyhow - not enough rude words to keep even misdirected perverts from accidentally landing here, so if all you good guys have also gone elsewhere and I am talking to the wind, I understand that too.

Its you lot - all your fault I'm back(ish). All those compliments, you are so MEAN.

The little school job, you might have guessed, went up the swanny. I sat and watched it float away into the hands, let's be honest, of someone far more suited to the 9 to 5 than I will ever be.

Still, for some bizarre reason the other half has taken a break from growing ulcers on his ulcers (and then sharing them) every time a bank statement comes in. I think that has something to do with accepting that no job search can really be attempted with the kids home for the six week summer break, so I have taken the opportunity to:

a) throw caution and reputation* to the wind and return to blogging, and
b) join the Thirty Day Challenge, during this quiet truce, to see if even I can make an honest buck or two (I could only sleep nights if they were honest) during this delicate hiatus.

(The people at Thirty Day Challenge actually want me to have a blog. I don't think this is what they mean.)

* Re reputation - purlease! I've spent a couple of years slating GPs, builders and County staff, not to mention the number of times I've talked dirty. Sex, slander, swearing and self admonishment = not an employer's dream. Fuck 'em.(**)

** Bloody hell, I knew I only aired the expletives on this blog but I didn't realise what a couple of months abstinence would do to the guilt factor. I feel all brave and liberated and naughty, now. Gosh. *blush*: "Fuck!" Hee-hee.


ZBTzahBTzoo said...

She's back!!!

We WON!!!!!

nannernannernanner ;-)

Steg said...

*does Happy Dance*

You cuss all you like, it's good to see you back!

*bows low* We are not worthy.

Badaunt said...


fineartist said...

It was inevitable, or so I believe.

Wisdom, compassion, kindness, humor, all from a unique slant, that we have come to know as Cheryl. I could pick out your writing in a crowd of pages simply by the unique flavor of it, and I am so damned glad you reconsidered.

As I see it though, it WAS inevitable, you have to write, it's in your blood and it demands that you give it voice, or you my dear writer friend would have hell to pay. Much like I have hell to pay when I don't express myself in paint.

Well, I'm tickled shit-less, I am.

And I should be writing this part in an e-mail, but you know I have the dreaded dial up and switching from one screen to the next is hell so, thank you, the things you expressed to me after my dad's passing meant more than you can know.

You see I was having some real problems with the image of dad struggling with the angel of death there at the end, so much so that I have only talked about it in type and with Becky and my man, and well, you brought it out in the open for me, you touched it for me and helped me to heal some, you broke the taboo that I have in my head and made it alright for me to explore what happened.

You spoke about it, you see I had no idea what to expect when dad passed, had no idea of the struggle involved, I should have prepared myself somewhat I suppose...but how does one ever prepare for an experience such as that? I've since been reading on it some, looking for others who have experienced it, trying to realize that it was the way of death sometimes, and not something I had done or hadn't done.

Anyway, thank you, and yes I've had that hug many times over, even from across the ocean.

Being the sappy, gushy American that I am I'm saying this not to embarrass you, but because it's true, I love you Cheryl.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

OOOH - she's back! Kewl!

Library Lady said...

Now STAY back this time--you hear? Or next time we are all going to get really mean!