03 February 2007

More Good Aquarians

Perhaps I am as batty as erm, a batty-bat-thing, but it being February 3rd I suspect time has come to say a huge
Happy Birthday!
to both:

Zilla AAARGH! Not yet! ITS THE 8TH. See *.


Poet266. YAY! Hooray! Today!

In fact happy birthday to all Aquarians everywhere, including Doris whose B-day I shamefully forgot. *

We rock. (Well, you three rock and I'm happy to bandwagon.)


*Its the tablets, I forget everything.**

**Yes ok I'll be dining off that excuse for years to come, but beats going 'ooh, my heart' everytime I want my own way. I do have some standards.


Stegbeetle said...

Yes, many happy returns to all!

Doris? Are you out there, Doris?

poet266 said...

Oh Cheryl.. Thank you for a wonderful birthday greeting. And a very happy one to Zilla too.. Astro Twin!

Now off to make myself a birthday cake.. will share with you all later


Doris said...

Doris is not really out here ;-) I'm just a beautiful illusion wafting through :-D ROFL

Thanks Cheryl but I'm the other side of January so don't fit the Aquarian title but I'm not offended :-)

Thanks xxx

zilla said...

Thank you! And many happy returns of the day to poet266!

Mrs. Gamely said...

Thank Maude for Aquarians among us, brightening up our days. Happy Birthday!

(from a stodgy ol' Taurus)

Library Lady said...

Aquarians do rock--there's one at my house about to reach her 12th birthday on Friday. Though sometimes she aggrevates me so much she should be counting her blessings she's made it this far!

Happy Birthday to all--and a special Happy Belated Birthday to you, Cheryl!!

fineartist said...

Happy belated to all the beautiful Aquarius people out there, especially Z, Poet, Doris and Cheryl!!!

Aquarius people make life so much more interesting and they create all kinds of neat shit too!

You are the mothers of invention!