19 February 2007

All stuff you didn't want to know (nor did I, really)

Bigson shouldn't be here but he still is.

The builders should be here and they still aren't.

No sign of the fridge repair man, either.

Son (small son) should be back at school but isn't because the LEA changed his transport and the new transport company changed the times so that the only choice I had was to leave him home alone to catch a ride that would get him to school just at the noisiest, scariest point of the morning, or to ask them not to bother.

After making my arms go to lead and my head swim in a scary and inconvenient fashion a couple of weeks ago, Big Daughter sort of got the message about not talking at me faster than the speed of light any more (full volume, flags waving, 'Dear God let me just hide under a rock until the strange lady's gone'), but can't quite wrap her head around the concept that she might speak to me with as much respect as say, anybody, and has settled for not calling at all. Its isolating but feels a bit like respite.

Bigson is too stupid to get the message at all.

Convos so far today:

Face to face:

Me: Here's your coffee
BS (referring to a proper mug): I'm not fucking drinking out of that tiny fucking thing, don't bother.
Me: Its made now
BS: Well I don't want it
Me: What part of 'visitor' don't you get?
BS (loudly): Look just give me five fucking minutes to pack my stuff and I'll go back to sleeping on the fucking streets!
Me: OK.
BS: 30 minutes awkward silence followed by a change of subject

On the phone:

My Mum:
So How's Big Daughter then? Has she got a boyfriend? (This is an aspersion in itself because she is a single mum and only broke up with the last nearly-live-in four or five weeks ago)
Me (checking with Big Son, who would know): Yes, she's sort of seeing the brother of that girl she goes out clubbing with (who pays for it all on account of being loaded)
Mum: Well it makes sense really, she would go where the money is.
Me: ..........?
Mum: Oh I only mean shes a single parent, so she would go....
Me: I was a single parent mum, more broke than her and I paid all my bills and I ended up marrying a man with less money than me!
Mum: Yes well, dear, times were different then, and lets be honest, you never were as pretty as her anyway.


Crawling back under that rock, then.



Rain said...

Oh dear, sounds like a lot of messy subjects. I'm sorry things are dreary for you today. Sending you some understanding friendship vibes.

Cori said...

I love how you see the humor in life! Those conversations are enough to make me cringe- but are precious all the same! What a day!

Badaunt said...

Family, eh?

That makes two things we have in common (at least): exasperating family, and men with no money.

(I was going to say maybe we're related, but ... well, then we'd have to decide who is going to be the exasperating one, so I won't.)

ron st.amant said...

come over to our house...it's a bit unsettled right now but we have cake...you could use some cake methinks.

Ally said...

Family's SO great, isn't it?!
*big, non-intrusive hug and large slice of cake*

Stegbeetle said...

I really, really don't want to cause offence or sound disrespectful to your family so I'll settle for just suggesting that from now on your Bigson should make his own fucking coffee!

Come out from under that uncomfortable rock. I'm sure we can find a cosier place for you to hide for while...

Ms Mac said...

Gosh, Mums are to be treasured, aren't they? Over Christmas my Mum said, "Isn't it funny how your sister was never good in school but now she's the success...." I tuned out fairly soon after.

fineartist said...

The conversation you speak of here with big son could be a conversation between me and my oldest son too.

My son is a habitual over user of the f word, he uses it so much that it totally loses it's effect in my opinion, and it makes me sort of want to pull his tongue out. And he can be mean when he feels like he is pinned against the wall, and that's most of the time. Now that they changed his meds though he's a little better.

I'm sorry the little guy's transportation to school is so messed up, dang it. The LEA needs to get their poop in a pile, sounds like to me.

Mothers say the weirdest shit sometimes. Mine does too. All these years I have tried to blend in,in my family, sort of not be fussed over, and my mother told me once that I was a huge attention whore, and a drama queen. That, the drama queen, would be true, but the other, NO WAY.

Oh Cheryl hugs and I so understand where you are coming from.

xx, Lori

Anonymous said...

Why is that family think they can say whatever the fuck they like because they are family and therefore it wont offend?????

I'm sure there's an island in the middle of the north sea you could dump them on!


Jo said...
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Jo said...

Position 1:

Tell whole family to fuck off (except (small) son who seems to be blameless - or perhaps he's just not in this episode?!) and demand a bit more Fucking Respect!!! You are Mother, Fount of all Care, Holder together of Family, Keeper of Woes/ Worrier of Worries and Fixer of All Problems, and they should treat you a bit better. Why should that be so damned difficult? Stamp foot a lot etc.

(PS Exchange like that over coffee would certainly end up with me suggesting that he stick his coffee where the sun don't shine. And as for Mum...yep I get that sort of stuff too!)

Position 2:

Families eh?! Wot a larf. Dontcha love 'em? Blah blah...


Hugs Cheryl.

We value you!

ella m. said...

Are you absolutely sure we aren't distantly related somehow? (Though I got compared to my younger sibling in the second instance)

If you were well enough to travel I'd offer you my spare room for some much needed rest and letting the nasty little family monsters take care of themselves for a week or two. :D

They'd be so lost you'd be treated in proper, respectful queenly fashion upon your return.

annie said...

big, deep, understanding sigh for you, cheryl. your ever-intact sense of humor deserves hearty commendation.
lately i am recalling how eager i was for my three babes to get grown, during those early times-of-anxiety. i had no idea what was to come, and it absolutely trumps dirty diapers and sleepless nights.
They are 15, 20, and 25 now, and their complexities are intense, to put it mildly.

Writer Mom said...

Is it terrible to be laughing?

Not about small son's situation, but the rest of it...

I keep saying Emma Thompson needs to play you for the screen version.

Who would play eldest son?
Your Mum?
Your daughter?

This is so fun for me, but then, I haven't talked to family today, and you can bet I won't be answering the phone after reading this, either!