05 February 2007

Hey Boys!

(I have to do this too)

Surfing some news sites, I came across one that allows comments. Posted as a comment (by a bloke, of course) was this:

Now I'm guessing that Mr three-chin-saggy-pants thinks lying on wet grass on an overcast day with a toy racing car rammed up as far as it'll go is pretty much the height of masculine supremacy and makes him look mightily cool.

I don't think I have to guess so hard about what the girls are thinking, so for the edification of any who need it, clockwise from bottom left:
  1. "I feel somehow degraded. Oh, and damp."
  2. "I'm the only one that looks like a model"
  3. " I'm going to seize up and fall over any second now"
  4. "Don't show my flabby bits, don't show my flabby bits!"
  5. "I'm bursting for a pee"
  6. "I'm bursting to breathe out, or laugh"
  7. "You put me at the back and I hate you"
  8. "Mmm, cake"
  9. "Fuck, I'm hungover"
  10. "You're going to have to tell her soon before it shows"
  11. "Was there something you wanted to tell me?"
See guys, most girls only pose in front of the camera for love of the photographer, or his equipment.



zilla said...

Upon first glance, I thought he had a Fisher Price Bubble Mower up his crotch.

Jo said...

It's just baffling isn't it? You look at it and you ask yourself 'Why?', just 'Why?'

ella m. said...

Why? Because he paid them....that's why the children's toy instead of a fancy car. He blew the cash on hiring girls who wouldn't otherwise give him the time of day to pose for the photo, after which their big pro athlete boyfriends kick dirt at his face and laughed. :D

Then the ladies bought themselves something lovely with the cash.

ron st.amant said...

I'd like to usually just let 'art' be...enjoy the organic nature of the piece...

this I don't understand...

I mean I get the bikini girls...
and the grass...I understand the grass....I 'might' even be able to understand the dude, though okay not really...but whatever that thing that is standing in for his penis?? I'm lost...

then put the whole thing together and it's like a velvet painting of a sad clow

Atyllah said...

Someone should report him for toy abuse!

Miss Cellania said...

He told them this would make them all famous on the net, but they didn't count on you figuring out what they were thinking!

Ms Melancholy said...

Oh, Lordy! Do you think someone bought him the session for his 40th?

Mrs. Gamely said...

HAHAHA - was already laughing, but #10 just did me in!

fineartist said...

I'm with Jo and Ron,

Just why?

I did enjoy the comments you put in though, heeeeeeeeee!