16 February 2010

Just don't read...

To any of my dear friends who used to see me as a proper blogger,

Right now I realise this must look like repository of occasional complaints. That's probably exactly what it is, these days. In fact if t turns into nothing more than a public list of the shenanigans my depressing neighbour gets up to, ready for, I don't know, complaining to the Council or whatever one does, then thats just OK with me.

Please accept my apologies and just move along, I understand!

By the way, its a quarter past eight in the morning and for the past half hour at least he has been 'tinkering' in his garage. The wall of his garage is three foot from the wall of the room I am working in and we seem to share foundations. He's moved on from apparently taking a sledgehammer to something to making noises like he's dragging car engines, or possibly corpses, across the concrete floor. Its not the noise that gets me so much as the sensation as it rumbles up through my chair. Not conducive to thinking, at all.

Ignorant ignorant ignorant selfish ...... I'm trying not to insult, but to vent my exasperation using true statements. I think I managed. The frustration is unbelievable, though. I had an oasis here, for fifteen wonderful years. He moved in and I lost it.

OK clearing down now. Breathing in mental peace.......breathing out the blah blah blah........... Oh shit, he's started up again louder. Does she lock him out after breakfast, or something?


Kate said...

Wouldn't it be nice if there were some people it was legal to slap?

過分 said...
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beckyboop said...

You get it out honey! I love Kate's comment!

Anji said...

I just popped by from Josephine's blog. Your comment was brilliant and so true.

fineartist said...

"Does she lock him out after breakfast?" Heh, I would.

Miss you, loads and loads and I think all of us are going to try to make a bloggin' comeback. It could happen. Smooch.