20 February 2011

Temporarily Pink

The blog is back. It is pink. I actually quite like it.

There have been so, so many times I have considered re-opening, wondered whether my more peculiar readers have long forgotten me, or whether those who know where I live are now convinced I will never blog again. So many times I have had something I wanted to share, or something I really wished I could get off my chest.

Facebook has been a lifeline, or a sideline, I'm not sure which.  If I made any real friends through blogging, found myself invested in anyone's future and wellbeing because of their friendship in this medium, then I've managed to make links with 98% on FB. On the one hand I have a window onto their situations, a place to chat or just wave; on the other hand it means I haven't stepped back out to read their blogs or continue with the depth of understanding that that a log/ public diary offers. I've known my friends were OK, so I've become lazy. Sorry.

I imagine that most people I ever knew here have moved on or across, also, and never read blogs these days, or if they do, at least not this one.

Still, first post done. Ice broken.

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