01 February 2010

Happy Sigh

Next door's porch fitters came and finished the job, this morning. I've been living on tenterhooks, all week, wondering when the drilling will start again, but when they finally pulled up in two white vans looking for all the world like the tea-brewing, cell-phone waving mafia, they turned out to be quiet and professional and gone in no time. Just goes to show, you can't tell a prat by his parka.

After they'd left, him next door found a few things that just had to be done in his garage, and pottered around with the garage door wide open to the street, until he was satisfied that enough people had noticed his new UPVC door with faux leaded lights.

I hope he's happy, I really do, but I give it a week until he thinks of something else that needs tearing down and replacing.

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