15 May 2009

So Where Were We?

So where were we?

Oh yeah.

I'd thrown the towel in on this blog twice in the last twelve months for fear of not getting a 'proper job' through being disadvantageously googled, and you've all gone away now and nobody's watching.

So that's alright, then.

I mean, I still can't get pop-ups to work on this computer since the all singin'-and-a-dancin' software briefly used to eliminate a virus also seemed to get rid of every DLL or spare thingummy-dooda that was standing around with its hands in its pockets or whistling. It was running on suss laws, I swear.

At this point in time I assume all my blog friends think I've waltzed off and left them, because I lurk but cannot comment, and fear to spout enthusiastic feedback in other locations such as Facebook in case people are running dual IDs and don't want the connection made in other minds. Somehow doing it by private email seems a bit creepy and stalker-ish.

Anyway, having established that I am currently talking to myself and you are not, in fact, there, I have to say that this also is OK because I am learning the ropes at Seahaven FM, the local radio station, with a view to eventually hosting my own slot.

There is an inordinate amount to learn, but the things I can do here on this blog are:
  • confirm that I am happy talking to myself on a regular basis
  • get (back) in the habit of finding new topics on a daily basis, and making a respectable stab at looking like I know what I'm talking about.


Kate said...

Welcome back :-)

I'm not running dual ids at FB, that's just me and my blog has been outed :-(

Badaunt said...

Welcome back!

Your new job sounds PERFECT for you. Congratulations!

Will we be able to hear you on the web somewhere...? Podcasts? Anything?

Astryngia said...

I'm here! Turning up at the right place at last. :-) Such good news to hear how jazzed up you are about the radio slot. I envy you its effect. :-) Have fun - live long and prosper - Hugs and happiness. I'll be following as soon as I can. :-)