25 May 2009

Funny Peculiar

You know that strange feeling when you put down heavy shopping bags and your arms want to float? The one you get as a new mum when 'he' pushed the pram off down the road and you end up trying to shove your hands into your jeans pockets just to stop feeling like something's missing?

That's me, today, because I failed to get hold of Tony and have ended up not going to the radio station for practice, for the first time in weeks and weeks.

I am in withdrawal, with a side-order of green-eyed jealousy and another of hollow-gutted regret.

I think I must be addicted.

On the plus side, however, I've cobbled together a button for my sidebar so I don't have to open another tab to the Seahaven website when I want to listen in - I can just click the button instead.

If you look one post down, I got carried away and tried to envisage my own Presenter's page, and how the home page banner will look when I'm on the air. I think maybe the headscarf could go.

Listening to Tony and learning from a distance, today. Yay for me.

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