18 May 2009

Blogging from the Seahaven FM Studio

This is just a quicky because I haven't blogged today (or all weekend, for that matter) but I want to get back into the habit.

Good news! Darling Other Half couldn't quite see what I'd done to my Firefox at home to stop me being able to comment on other people's blogs, but he did manage to sort out the problem with IE instead, so as soon as I've transferred Bloglines back to the old swiss cheese, I'll be back in touch with precious friends like Zilla.

I'll pad that last statement into a list with links when I get home.

For now I'm sitting opposite this guy, big fuzzy red mic near my face, huge black cans on my head. Hooray for me!

1 comment:

Milt Bogs said...

Seahaven FM will have a new listener if I can find it on my internet radio.

I'm green with envy!