21 May 2009

It's All Gone A Bit Pete Tong

I don't even know if that 'it's' is supposed to have the apostrophe.

I see several glaring errors in yesterday's post, but to quote my own monstrous, pre-teen incarnation, 'Tough titties'.

I've just made myself SO LATE to walk daughter (12) to choir practice that I had to buy her a taxi ride and send her all on her own.

She's just phoned from someone else's mobile, or possibly the church phone - I forgot, its not 7.30 practice, its 8.00 special service.

Someone will bring her home.

When you find yourself walking through Hell, the important thing to remember is just to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep going. Head for the exit.

The same is true of any five minute muddle, any 24 hour bad hair day, any month long astrological hiccup.

The clever thing is remembering where 'in front' is and not going round in circles instead.

To that end, sans visitors (which may be a blessing given current IQ of a house brick etc), today is another day, and I am posting to this blog today, because that is what I set out to do.

Even though it means I'll have to post here in Firefox and then re-open to edit in IE because I can't see pop-ups like the picture editor in this flaming browser and even though its been like that for MONTHS, I still went and forgot.

I don't care.

And yes, if that counts as two fingers up to the Universe, then my arm is out straight, my other hand is on my hip, and my head is cocked at a defiant angle. I wish I could spell a raspberry.



zilla said...


When we mean a raspberry, we usually type "pffft."

I know, I know -- it needs a little something more, but "pffft" will do in a pinch.

Badaunt said...

Or pffffthttt! (Give it a bit of tongue.)

Re the its/it's thing: possessives have no apostrophes. Just think YOURS, HERS, THEIRS, ITS. All possessives, all no apostrophe. (Also, YOUR, HER, THEIR, ITS, but that's just confusing.)

Thus spake the English teacher. :-)

(Who at one point had to figure out a way to remember that, too, because it's embarrassing when the student is right and the teacher isn't.)