13 January 2008

Where I am

For the longest time events would present themselves (as would ideas, lines of poetry, jokes, observations) and all would shout 'Blog me!' and I would say 'No! Shut-up and go away because I do not blog any more'.

So, here I am, best intentions cast aside; blogging again.

Murphy's Law, of course, demands that I be absolutely unable to think of a single darn thing to write about, now that the outlet exists.

I'm still here, for what its worth.

That is all.


Steg said...

... but for what it's worth you know that if you choose to - you can. And I'm sure you will.

fineartist said...

It will come back, you're just in a slumpy slump.

Me too.

ZILLA said...

I'm glad you're here.

bart said...

hey cheryl, don't worry too much because it all will come back in due time...

i've had a seriously bad time myself last year but things are looking up again now, hope you're well ;-)