04 January 2008

*Cough, blush*

This is me tiptoeing back in, to the back of the room.

Husband has now mentioned his 'minor breakdown' on his own blog, so if anyone noticed one or both of us looking like Stevie Smith's Dead Man (not waving, but drowning) since September last year, well now you know why.

Sorry about that.

All much better now.

Happy New Year!


fineartist said...

I'm just pleased you are back, pleased hell I'm excited, and pleased is such a layed back word.

Badaunt said...

Yay! You're back!

I never lost faith. I belieeeeeve in your powers of recuperation (and your blogging powers). That's why I left you in my sidebar even though I knew it had gone all private and inaccessible.

(I ALMOST took out the link a couple of times, I must admit.)

Steg said...

I didn't notice! You don't have a RSS feed going on.
Cheryl's back! *does happy dance*