04 January 2008


Once upon a time a certain Zilla lady mentioned the joys of growing avocados from seed. Or kernel. Or whatever the thing is called.


Being a Brit, this is not a pastime that ever encroached upon my own, comparatively unambitious and saucer-based carrot-top and cress growing childhood.

Obviously the only thing to do was to purchase and consume several avocados during the appropriate season, scoop out and save the pits, make a whole slimy, mouldy, disastrous mess of the cocktail sticks suspension method as described by Zilla, and chuck the rest of the collection straight out the back door.*

Where, as luck or sheer perversity would have it, one of them decided to grow.

Its there still, having survived a few frosts and the interest of snails. Barring the fact that its obviously been munched, the remaining leaves /portions of leaves are green and glossy and healthy.

Down a grubby side alley.
Beside a Council kitchen door.
On top of a windy, salty hill by the British seaside.
Mexico it ain't.

Go figure.

*I have a thing against putting seeds, seedlings or even dead plants actually into the bin, 'just in case'.


fineartist said...

That is so cool, and it's even more cool, for me that I finally stumbled onto your page.

I'm hugging myself all over as I read your posts! Yeah, I'm a gooner, but man I've missed your page.

Cheryl said...

Hugs @ YOU!

My first day back - I didn't think anyone would figure it out for weeks.

THANK YOU for being my first commenter and breaking the silence!


ZILLA said...



Thinking about sticking around a while? I've missed you!

Happy New Year, and Merry belated Christmas, Cheryl.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Ha! You're still out here surfing the blogosphere - good to know you're still around - you've been missed and thank you for delurking and coming to say hello!

Growing avocados - it's kind of a growing up pastime here - I give up the number of avo trees I've grown from pips - my mum has one of my nurturings in the corner of her garden. Here's hoping yours survives the inhospitable British climate :-) By the way, if you want fruit, you'll need to grow a second tree! They're a bit sexy in that way, avos. ;-)

Badaunt said...

Carrots and cress ... didn't you grow radishes as well, when you were a kid? I thought radishes were the only things that grew fast enough for a child to wait for without digging them up again to find out what's going on.

fineartist said...

I missed you more than you page though, I can say the weirdest stuff sometimes. Hugs you back.