06 January 2008

Big breath....

So, did I mention Husband's teensy breakdown?

Thought so.

On the one hand he's done lots of CBT and thats fantastic. As he's relaxed he's become a lot more naturally considerate, kind, helpful. In some senses its been like a fairy tale.

On the other hand, having one's life partner at home, constantly, since September, briefly very very angry but then progressively finding ways to take control of his environment and be helpful (particularly when you're not actually there);


its like playing a sort of sadomasochistic blind-man's-buff against Dr Jekyll.

Nearly time out, I think.

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fineartist said...

Oh, you too?

The man has been laid off since November. Every day of my Christmas break, all 13 days, minus one when he painted the back of the house, I watched him sit in front of the TV. It's been almost an overwhelming urge of mine to slit his throat with a serrated plastic knife, you know? Because it would take longer and thus he would suffer more. I suck.

He has rearranged my kitchen for me, by placing all of the dish washing liquid, comet, and scrubbers under the sink instead of in an attractive bowl next to the sink. He's filled that with ashes, I guess he likes to smoke while he washes dishes, in the damned house, while I'm at work.

He's put all of the throw blankets that I leave out on the sofa and chair, so they're handy, in the hall closet.

He's turned a great number of my underwear and t-shirts a ratty color that I can only compare to, well, rat brown. I think he washed them with a brown rug, that should have been washed alone.

I could go on, I wont, I may have my own break down soon. Heh.