19 August 2006

Oh No!

I can speak Korean!

Oh No!

(See, told you so!)

The following is strangely addictive, but not to worry, I did notice that the blogosphere was my virtual reality and emotional hermit's retreat; the salve on the scraped knees of my ego and even my alternative to chain smoking (which I no longer do).

The fact that it is/was also my panacea for the urge to experience other destructive behaviours such as matricide is probably what prompted this moment of weakness and the resultant two posts in a day, after I was doing so well; but lets not go there.

Just sit in a corner, rocking slightly, whilst repeatedly watching the attached video. With any luck it won't be long before the look on your face, like mine, is as enthusiastically vacant as the look on the faces of the; what are they; milk drips?



beckyboop said...

They appear to be milk ghosts that will haunt you if you don't drink your milk. Maybe??

I think I have matricide today.

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

I find that video ever so slightly scary I must say...

zilla said...

Ugh. Still dialing up, so no videos for me. Glad to see you're posting again, though! And props for not chainsmoking anymore!

doris said...

Must be the latest popular edition from the Korean Milk Marketng Board?

I rather think sticking chopsticks in my eye sockets is preferable to watching it again but if you see it as a lesson in Korean then well Okaaaaay.

Let me mop your brow and give you a little neck massage and maybe you might just feel a little better.

Hugs... :-)

fineartist said...

Me too, dito Zilla, dang nabbin' son of a gunnin' dial up...

I'm glad you're posting, makes me go ahhhh, you must be feeling a little better, yes?

Cheryl I will never be able to picture you with a vacant look in your eyes, those eyes of yours, they are sparkling in my mind's eye, no matter what the external stimulus.

Okay now, at my sister, Becky Ann just because mom is coming to take care of you after your surgery...no need to get the urge to strangle her, or something. Like you told me today, there's nothing like having your momma take care of you. Unless you're me of course.

Atyllah said...

Nice milkdrops, pass the coffee so I can now loose the vacant expression in my eyes!

Miss Cellania said...

This is so very strange. I'm glad you posted it. I don't know why.