10 August 2006

Major Terrorist Plot

...or, to quote one respectable, studio-bound UK news reporter - "Major terrorist plot, allegedly".*

I'm not awake yet. I refuse to castigate my own mind for the way it was working this morning, as it tried to make sense of the avalanche of information. Here are a few of the thoughts it considered:

  • Clear plastic bags; like when you sit school exams.
  • Blimey that was a close escape.
  • West London? They mean Southall.
  • At least maybe they mean airport employees; cleaners and people with back door keys.
  • Oh so it wasn't necessarily planned for today, then?
  • We've been through this before.
  • So why has the news been on the same subject for a solid hour?
  • Anyway I can kind of imagine the politics/rationalisation/fervent frustration behind a plan like that.
  • I wonder if its true.
  • I wonder how long its going to take Blair to use this as a way to hurry ID cards or get more powers for himself.
  • I wonder if this is all for show and he's banking on people agreeing to anything sooner than having to queue and give up their mobile phones.
  • I wonder if I should stay glued to theyworkforyou, or to the inside pages of the papers, to see what they'll try and slide into law /generally get way with while we're not looking........

*Even the BBC website is making full use of inverted commas, it seems.


zilla said...

I am refusing to turn on the news until the world stands up with me and demands to be shown something good happening in the world.

Jo said...

Yep - I've been on about this too (as you know).


Not just cos Blair et all will use this make as much capital as they can for their stupid, viscious Middle Eastern policy, but because I am so f*cking fed up with people trying to kill people in this country - most of who are 110% opposed to the neocon adverturism of Bush and his little buddy Yoblair.

Nobody I know, I mean, nobody - whatever political complexion - supports US/UK policy in Iraq.

And as for the people who were planning this on those planes:

1. I assume they really were planning it (you never know)

2. I hope they've found the right people (quite often they don't)

3. If the people they have found were planning to do this, then I hope they get a fair trial

4. If they are found guilty, I hope they rot in jail forever. With whatever God brings them comfort in their twisted world view.

Jo said...

Hi hon. Just to lighten the mood a bit I tagged you. My blog for full details :-)

ME Strauss said...

It seems like there was a time before television when people trusted their governments somewhat. Now people not only don't trust their goverments. We don't trust the media either.

It's a good we have each other.

tagteamblogger, becky boo and Lori Loo said...

Me Strauss said it for me, yep...take it becky,

Oh yah Lori, leave it for me to try and struggle for an original comment, while you steal yours from Liz...

Who knows what to believe. The media sensationalizes everything, and exploits people and situations for ratings/and to feed fears. We're being spoon fed propaganda to brainwash us into believing or supporting whatever ideology that is being pushed at the time....

fineartist said...

What the heck?

We are trying to team blog...blogger isn't cooperating. Hmmm imagine that....

Now lemme see if our little tag team blogger pic shows up.

Atyllah said...

Nothing like a bit of fearmongering to drum up support. I suspect this time, however, it may well backfire. (insert evil cackle)

dom said...

Callous , I know, but the first thing I did was check my flight price (having booked a flight to NC on Monday) Sad , I know , but I was relieved to fing the price had almost doubled !,from $800 to $1,300. I would have been gutted if it had gone down Mwahahahaha !

Kim said...

The news is just as bad over here in the States. In fact, it's gotten SO bad, they're even letting Dubya speak on television, TO THE PRESS USING HIS OWN WORDS! I'm no Rhodes Scholar, but THAT'S scary shit right there.

Oh, btw, HI CHERYL!!! I've Missed you!

Gerald Ford said...

I enjoy the part later when Bush says that we're fighting against "Islamic Fascists".

Excellent wordplay. ;p

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm adopting the ostrich position. I know I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm struggling to just keep going at the moment. How are you feeling these days?

sapphoq said...

Ah so Blair is using terrorist stories to further his agenda too, eh?

Here I thought it was just Dubya using terrorist news to further his ?possible? campaign for a third term at whacking away at our individual liberties in my country. The USA may be my country but he certainly isn't my president.

I am so ashamed of the decisions of the government these days. Bush and Blair are hands-across-the-water buddies who seem bound and determined to lead the world into the next ?world war.

Keep blogging!