21 August 2006

Daily Three Cups With Freshment

Right, that explains everything.

Excepting Korea's answer to Britney....


doris said...

Fascinating! Really. I wonder what the politics of milk are in Korea .... is this a new industry. Is milk traditionally part of the staple diet? Are their cows as highly farmed as ours and therefore kept in cruel conditions? This cute band is the cute side of promoting milk. All food for thought.

I feel a Google coming on ;-)

By the way, well done on solving the mystery of the last vid with this one!

Atyllah said...

Here's hoping none of them suffer from dairy intolerance!
Personally, I always thought milk was meant for little cows, not little humans.

Lori said...

Thanks for that! Fun.

I lived in Korea for 3 years, and that's pretty much what TV commercials are like there. I don't know much about their dairy industry -- but they do drink milk, but are not big cheese eaters/producers. They are extremely proud of their homegrown beef, so I imagine the milk industry isn't far behind. And traditionally, they are vey aware of the health benefits of various foods -- the influx of fast food from the West has done them a dastardly deed with a lot of overweight children.

(blew in through blogexplosion)

Writer Mom said...

No green tea? Really?

Have some with freshment. Gotcha.

Cute kids.
Does it matter that I couldn't hear the song, as my speakers are for some reason disabled?

I've missed ya! :)