08 April 2013

Healing the world one smile at a time

I have a six-week client coming to the end of our contract, and she is so pleased with her sense of direction and self respect that our last session has been deferred for a week or two. It won't be about working with any new issues, simply about mopping up the fine detail. I am happy.

I was also delighted by an absolutely amazing session over in Portslade in which we connected an attempted rape back in the seventies to continued misery and side effects from a barrage of medication begun years later. Turns out the link was fear of altered perception, as Rohypnol (or some other brand of flunitrazepam - see, I'm learning) was used in the earlier event. Reading up after the fact I see it was odourless, colourless and ten times stronger than diazepam.  The client experienced a severe blockage of the throat during our session and her voice even changed. The amazing thing is that in one session we connected the two events to birth, and saw clearly that her mother was encouraged to take as much pethidine (as gas and air) as she could, and so the entire birth process was missed and the baby slept and felt sick and scared for several days.

At this point we honoured the client's wish to stop and come back to this another time. While I'd normally encourage someone to work on something else attached but not requiring recall, even chasing the pain, it was clear that one thing the client felt about the three incidents was that freedom to choose and to say no had been taken from her, so that choosing her own time to deal with this was part of the empowerment needed.

Wonderful stuff.

Thank you Sharon King for teaching me Matrix Birth Reimprinting. I never would have had the skills to communicate with a pre-birth human without that.

I love EFT!

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