03 April 2013

Emo Trance

A friend of mine, Sami, has been rating Emo Trance for ages. The whole 'soften and flow' concept aligns with 'this too shall pass' and what with Benita putting a brilliant infographic about the symbolism of Ganesh on our joint business page yesterday, I realised from the description of the large stomach that I could do with some improved skill in letting things wash over me (or in Ganesh's case, through).


So, via an email, I went to the website of Dragon Publishing, the people who print all Silvia Hartmann's books, and found out two things:

1. They are based up the road in Eastbourne. Oh give me a job, pllllleeeease!
2. Roughly £7 gets me a Silvia Hartmann EMO-Trance meditation download.

Now Silvia, I know, has a very individual accent; the German vowel sounds are just unusual enough to my ear to draw my attention away from the content of her message, but not in this audio.

Its sublime. I listened to it twice yesterday and it is just lovely.

Today I am grateful for all the signposts leading to this discovery,it is a new treasure in my toolkit.


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