14 July 2011

Status Check

Hi guys! How are you? Everyone OK? Sorry its been so long...............again. I miss your comments and your 'stuff', the kind of normal, special, fleeting incidents we used to commit to the keyboard.

I'm sitting here, not exactly in dawnlight, but close. I mean, five minutes ago it was still that soft early morning light that hints of sleepy fairy folk, of snails and other garden souls making their way home. The kind of gentle scented breeze that speaks of sunshine to come, warms and coaxes roses until they blush, whispers to the bees to ready the battle plan for the coming day.

It was forgiving; you know? The kind of moment that would welcome careful feet out onto the lawn, or just as readily give an understanding wink and wish you sweet dreams, if you turned tail and headed back to bed.

The magic evaporated with the dew, while I blinked, and now we have the kind of light that really only favours the woods, or perhaps leafy lanes in Victorian suburbs.  Flat, it is, with the new day holding on to its bedsheet of cloud like another reluctant waker, pained and grim, forcing the light to filter through in a grey, stark, disgruntled fashion on to the world below.

There might still be colour to be found, and sparkle, and life and secrets and earth and renewal; but, I think, only in the shadows; under a tree, or perhaps in the busy, ramshackle darkness of an overgrown privet bush. The rest of us, those who will not or cannot look, must pay, on a level many more feel than ever understand, for our isolationist concrete fantasy world that we confuse for the real thing.

No going back to bed, then. More tea.

And, breathe....


bart said...

Hi Cheryl, I can resonate your feelings entirely. Have read bits and pieces of pevious entries, you haven't lost your touch although I'm still a little too unfocused at the moment to dive in completely.

You mentioned you missed the "old days" recently, I can feel along with that. I'm trying to resurrect my blog with varying degrees of succes, still get back into the routine of reading who's doing what, where, how and with whom etc, as well as practicing my alliterative talents.

Cheers, keep well...

Doris said...

Thank you for the journey of light you just floated me through with its promises of the unknown. Beautiful. Until the greyness of the day set in. There are early mornings a bit like that for me. Today, all these days later, it is solidly grey and rainy and has been since yesterday so I can not imagine the early hours were any better. Or maybe they were and that is a big delicious secret held by another who was awake and witnessed it?

Don't you think it is nice to dip in to blogging when you can. Without apology for absence and to chance upon those fond acquaintances who might happen to be around at that time too? Sometimes we go uncommented or unread which goes with the territory if we are investing more of our time into our own lives rather than looking after and nurturing our blogging relationships. Both are good and have their place. I have missed some of my blogging life and it would be lovely to have some of that again. xx

PS Very nice to see you back blogging :-)